Pastoral Care Ministry

Jesus promised he would never leave us comfortless. As heirs to his promise, we practice a ministry of presence for one another in times of special need through our Pastoral Care Ministry.

The ministry consists of prayer and action. We pray for all on our prayer lists and we act through the following ministries. The Transportation group assists parishioners getting to appointments.  MealTrain, a group of about 20 parishioners, supplies dinners to parishioners in need of support due to illness, loss, or a new baby, while Caring Caterers supply a one-time emergency frozen main course to parishioners. Parish Visitors are of two kinds; some of them make friendly visits to parishioners who are homebound or ill, while others are trained to establish in-depth relationships with people experiencing short or long term issues that pose a challenge. If appropriate, the visitors will refer to our parish nurse, also a member of the Pastoral Care team.

Anyone interested in receiving care or feeling called to this ministry of mercy and presence should contact: committee coordinator Stephanie Werner .

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