NeverTheLess - June 16, 2019

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NeverTheLess – June 16, 2019

Welcome To All, especially if you are visiting us today. We are delighted to have you here.  If you are visiting, we invite you to fill out a pew card and put it in the plate.

Shrine Mont Parish Retreat   a sign up sheet is in the hallway for the annual Parish Retreat at Shrine Mont, September 20-22.  Children 4-12 YO:  $50; Teens 13-HS Srs: $75;  Adults, 18+:  $150.  You are not fully signed up until you have paid a 50% deposit.  Deposit is not refundable after August 20.  Scholarships are available; check with Father Rock+.  Stay tuned for programming notes!

Helping the Clinic in a small way:  Did you know that St James the Less Free Clinic volunteers are fed dinner every Wednesday evening?  Because the volunteers arrive straight from their jobs, they don’t have time to get dinner.  Ashland churches, organizations and individuals contribute dinners.  Would you or an organization of which you are a member like to provide a dinner once a year for the clinic volunteers?  You don’t have to do it by yourself – get a friend to help you.  There are about 25 volunteers to feed; the food should be dropped at the clinic by 5:30 on your given Wednesday evening.  The food is simple:  Sandwiches, fried chicken, pasta salad, fruit, or soup for example.  To get on the Clinic dinner calendar for Fall or Winter 2019, please contact Melissa Roberts (, 804-647-6066). 

Calvary Episcopal, our sister church in Hanover Courthouse, will install their rector, the Rev. Victor King on Sunday, June 23rd at 2 pm. All are welcome and invited.

CARITAS at St. Ann’s   St. Ann's is hosting CARITAS guests the week of June 22-29. We are helping their effort with the use of our vans for showers and laundry. Volunteers are needed to help with driving and co-piloting the vans the weekday evenings from 7:30-9 pm. There is a chart for sign-ups in the hallway; or you can call/email Dani Stockwell; or you can reply to this email and we'll mark you down.

Calling All Summer Camp Chenery Fund Applicants!  If you’re planning to submit an application to the Chenery Fund to receive financial assistance for summer camp, now is the time. As many of our parishioners know, the Chenery Fund has made it possible for hundreds of children to grow in Christian spirituality through the generosity of this fund. All are welcome!

   Eligibility for Funding   To receive financial support for your child’s summer camp, the camp must be church-related or be an Episcopal-affiliated camp. Assistance will be considered for 50% of the total amount of the expense for first-time requests, and 25% of the total expense for subsequent requests. Payment/checks for approved funds are made directly to the camp and assumes the applicant will provide payment for the balance due.

   Timing  The Chenery Committee meets monthly to review applications and submit recommendations to the Vestry for final approval. Application forms (entitled “Chenery Fund Scholarship Application”) are available at St. James the Less along the hallway to Brydon Hall (Information Central), or you can download them from our website at: For questions, please contact Beth Markwood, Chair of the Chenery Committee.


Ashland Christian Emergency Center (ACES)   we have a bin in the hallway dedicated to donations to ACES; pinned up above the bin is a current list of items ACES folks need most.  Also, ACES is recruiting drivers for Hanover Senior Rides, a volunteer transportation program for seniors.  If you’d like to know more, call (804) 543.6115.

A special request from ACES:  a client is seeking an old, long bed pickup truck that will pass state inspection and is less than $5000.  Please call 543.6115 if you can help.

SCHEDULING NOTES:    While Margaret is out of the office June 13-24, we will close the office on the Fridays, June 14 and June 21. Also, the office will be closed Thursday July 4 and Friday, July 5.


PRAYER LIST – June 16, 2019 (people added this week are in italics)

Diocesan Cycle of Prayer:  Pray for the clergy and congregations of St. Peter’s, Port Royal; Falls Church, Falls Church

Anglican Cycle of Prayer:  Pray for the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) The Most Revd Nicholas Okoh - Metropolitan & Primate of all Nigeria & Bishop of Abuja

Metro Richmond Cycle of Prayer:  We pray for the criminal justice system in Metropolitan Richmond: For all chaplains, staff and volunteers who minister in jails and prisons, half-way houses, work-release and after-care programs.

For our parishioners requesting our prayers:  GUS Miller, PAT Funk, DICK Harman, ERIN Yagla, STEWART Dishman, DON Jones, JOANIE Burgoyne, ANNA Stiles, BILL Blakemore, SANDI Shirey, MICHELE and JOHN Murphy; WILBUR Lawrence;  MARK FitzHugh

For those serving in the diplomatic corps, the military, and as missionaries: KEMPER Jones, GREG Ericksen, MATTHEW Thomas, PHILIP Morison, JAMES Ashley, ANDREW Brunson

Relatives & Friends: ANNE MARIE Fisher (friend of the Jones family); WILL Holman (friend of the SJTL Parish); AUBREY Fletcher (friend of Ann and Wilbur Lawrence); TOM Slaughter (brother of Ann Lawrence); DAVID Willis (friend of the parish and the Ashland community); JAMIE Hopkins (brother of Ron Hopkins); DOREEN Welfel (sister of Dawn Stockbridge); DONNA Hoffman (friend of Ginny and Karl Meyer); JOYCE Burgess (friend of Ginny and Karl Meyer); DONNA Jerome Schumacher and her son, TRAVIS (friends of Margaret Rush); ERIN van Horne (friend of Marcia and Dale Hill); AMELIE (friend of Steve and Naomi Pace); CONSTANCE Geisenderfer (mother of Kathy Marshall); SUSAN Johnston (friend of the SJTL parish); CHRIS Duvall (friend of Doris Hassell); DEBBIE Hill (friend of Pat Jordan); Rev. MARK Holland, St. Stephen’s Baptist (friend of Father Rock); LARRY Gilman (friend of Alice Cobb), MEREDITH Moon (mother of Cami Stiles); RUTH Jordan (sister-in-law of Pat Jordan); IAN McIntyre (family of Fran McConnell); BETSY Vogt (niece of Karl Meyer); AUSTIN Jolly (friend of Dale & Marcia Hill); DORRIE Rawley (sister of Pat Jordan); JIM Barry (friend of Kimette Cannady);  REBECCA Paxton (daughter of Pat Jordan); BILL Sherrod (friend of Cathy Bach-McElroy); PETE Buxton (brother-in-law of Sylvia Spagna); DONNA Willson Womack (friend of Doris and Harry Hassell)  

The altar flowers today are given in loving memory of Carl S. Harris, by Mary Anne and their family.


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